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Welcome to Broadspeed!   CLICK HERE to read our terms and conditions
We've been online since 1995 and have 500,000 Customers - our role is to put buyers and sellers together. We help you find the Cheapest New Car Dealer offering the best online discount (usually in your county or region). Once you tell us you are ready, we firm up the deal and send it to you in writing. If you like the deal, we introduce you to the dealer. The whole process takes a few hours from when you instruct us to go ahead. After you order, our intro fee is £199 inc VAT - but you only pay us if the order completes (otherwise, it's FREE). If required, we can also pre-arrange a dealer Trade-In offer and Finance (eg: the best PCP deal). The first step is to make some online enquiries (just click the make above) then let us know when you are ready to order. If you prefer, PHONE US on: (0207) 175 0555 (New Cars) - or: (0207) 175 0515 (Ex-Demo, Used Cars) - or TEXT the model you want to: (07956) 200000.
SAVE £7,000+
IDENTICAL CARS No Imports Pay MUCH Less! Same Car, Same Spec
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QUICK, EASY Huge Discount New, First Keeper NOT Pre-Registered
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CASH DEAL Buy Outright Pay All Cash No PCP Required
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EASY PX Offer by Phone Normal Trade-In DIY Online Sale
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EASY FINANCE Dealer PCP Hire Purchase Low Rate Loans

Card Protection

No Internet Risk

Buy Face to Face

100% Real Prices

Genuine Discount

Quotes in Writing

No Risk

Small Deposit

Accurate Pricing

Dealer PCP

Easy Trade-In

Low Cash Prices

Same UK Warranty

Same UK New Cars

Same UK Dealers

ABOUT US (1960-1980's). Broadspeed Tuning was established by Ralph Broad in Birmingham back in 1963.
ABOUT US (1995-). Since launching our online car discount buying service, we have helped more than 50,000 UK buyers obtain the best car deal.
WHAT WE DO. We're an introducer (not a car broker); we approach Franchise Dealers, pre-negotiate the best new car deals then put buyer and seller together.
HOW IT WORKS. You buy your new car from the Main Agent we introduce - usually within your local region (but not your town).
HOW TO GET THE BEST CAR DISCOUNT. First, place a free enquiry on our web site and we'll email you a free, informal quote within 60 seconds.
CAR FINANCE ALLOWANCE. Motor manufacturers don't make it easy for car dealers to offer transparent or straightforward pricing; the best discounts are aften disguised as a 'PCP Deposit Contribution', ie: wrapped up within a Finance deal.
DEALER PCP. If you want the lowest PCP payments (or a no deposit PCP deal), our dealers will happily quote (but Free Finance is not available when using the best discount prices).
CASH BUYERS. We work hard to find work-arounds so you are not forced to take a car finance deal you may not actually need.
PRE-REGISTERED CARS. Prices on our web site are for Brand New Cars - not Pre-Registered or Second Keeper Cars (in fact, all new cars go directly into your name from the day of delivery).
SHOWROOM LOCATIONS. Deal face to face or by email - (we work with many showrooms, right across the UK). Our dealers offer Part Exchange and Doorstep Delivery, if required?
WARRANTY CLAIMS. The Manufacturer's Warranty and Servicing are exactly the same - just use your local Main Agent, as normal.
THERE'S NO ONLINE RISK. Don't be concerned about any internet risk: use our online quote system - but order and pay the authorised dealership, as normal.
CREDIT CARD PROTECTION. For the maximum possible protection, pay the deposit with a card; the WHOLE transaction is then protected by your card company (not just the initial deposit).
SECTION 75 CARD PROTECTION. Read more - CLICK http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/section-75-of-the-consumer-credit-act.
BUSINESS CAR DEALS. If you run a fleet, there's often extra discount (especially on 5 or more units a year). Pay cash, finance it or use the cheapest car leasing prices. Larger fleets expect up to 45% off some models (for exceptionally low rentals).
WHAT WE CHARGE YOU. Our web service is 100% Free. Only pay if you order from our dealer (no order, no fee). If you proceed, our Fee is £199 inc VAT.
OUR DEALER FEE. If an order is placed, dealers also pay us a small fee (and this is always INCLUDED within our quoted prices).
THE BEST NEW CAR DEALS. If you have any questions about deals or discounts, call us on (0207) 175 0555 - or Text 'callme' to (07956) 200000.
We're an Introduction Agency (Order from Main Dealer)
Choose from Hundreds of Main Dealers - Across the UK
Pay All Cash or Use Dealer Finance (eg PCP, HP, Loan)
We Check Informal Web Prices then Send Written Quote
Tell Us When You are Ready to Proceed with our Quote
Immediate Delivery or Factory Order (Your Exact Spec)

NO RISK - Total 100% Security - You Deal Direct - Pay Direct - Identical Warranty - IDENTICAL CARS
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New Ford Kuga

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MB C220CDi Tip AMG

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AUDI A6 Ultra 190ps SE

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BMW 330d 'GT' X-Drive

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XF Sportbrake 2.2d Lux

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New Mercedes-Benz E-Class

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New Volkswagen CC

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New Mercedes-Benz E-Class

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New Jeep Grand Cherokee

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New Audi RS5

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New Lexus LS

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New Lexus RX

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New Audi A5

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Call Us 0207 175 0555

New Audi A5

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The web site is free to use and there's no obligation. Broadspeed's role is to negotiate the best car deal then to introduce you to a dealer with lowest possible vehicle price. We work with more than 300 national UK Main Agents (Official Dealers), right across the UK. We are an introducer - your order form, invoice and final payment are always with the supplying dealer (not with us).


Place as many online car discount enquiries as you like. Once you decide to proceed to order (at our informal web site price), simply tell us that you'd like a confirmed, written quote (also free). We then establish that the price we quoted remains available, that we have a dealer in an acceptable location - and that any PX or PCP is also agreed. We then send you the best price in writing (or 'lowest cost to change') - so you have all the information - you'll know exactly what to pay, the area our dealer is located in - and any car manufacturer conditions.


We have been putting deals together for more than 25 years - so we have a large network of trusted dealers. They like our extra business when they need volume (the key is their quarterly sales target). When Main Dealers fall behind a target, they need to increase their order book fast. That's the main reason why some dealers agree to sell to you (through us) at little or no profit.


Once you accept our written quote, you place the order with the Main Dealer we've introduced you to in the normal way (not with us). The order form, inital deposit (usually £1000 by card) and final invoice/ payment are all directly between you and the Main Dealer. Once you are in contact with the dealer, you don't need us again (though we're always happy to help if needed).


Our new car fees are ALWAYS INCLUDED within web site prices. If you do not buy a car, our service remains TOTALLY FREE. If you place an order with our dealer, there are two fees - 1) a Dealer Introduction fee and 2) a Success Fee. The Dealer Introduction Fee is £199 inc VAT and is payable (by card) if and when you approve our firm written quote (ie at the point we introduce you to the dealer). The Success Fee is a variable amount (varies car to car, dealer to dealer) and is included within all our prices. The Success Fee is either paid to us by the dealer - or knocked off the agreed invoice total and you pay us direct. Either way, the total price remains exactly as we quoted you. If we introduce you to the dealer but you do not complete (or cancel) the order, we refund whatever amount was paid to us (ie both the Introduction Fee and any Dealer Success Fee).


Broadspeed does not quote for finance at all - it's sent to you in writing by the Main Dealer we introduce. Keep in mind that car finance (especially PCP) are generally not negotiable - the APR and residual value (balloon if you like) are fixed by the manufacturer and are not therefore negotiable. Your monthly payment is normally affected by one thing alone - the new car discount. Usually, there is no "finance deal" as such, because in most cases, every dealer has exactly the same manufacturer quoting system (but the better the discount the lower the payments). If you have seen a 'deposit conribution' advertised, this can either be tied to a finance deal - but there are often 'cash discount equivalent' or 'workaround solutions'; we therefore deduct any deposit contribution from our web site prices (so it cannot be deducted again).


If you are you looking for a car quickly (ie in stock now), or you want to reduce costs with a Main Agent Approved Used or Nearly-new vehicle; we also offer Dealer Demonstrator discounts - or where available with immediate change of keeper, Pre-registered car discounts (ie an unused, undriven and otherwise brand new car that a dealer has registedred to himself). Phone us for details of these cars on (0207) 175 0555 - or text "callme" to (07956) 200000.


Broadspeed was established back in 1963 as a car performance and specialist tuner. 'Team Broadspeed' competed within the British Touring Car Championship GP3 racing against Ex-Works Mini Coopers. Although Broadspeed Minis weren't always faster in the straight line, they did handle much better so won many races outright. In the mid-1960's Broadspeed changed from BMC to Ford, racing Ford Anglias and the Escort; John Fitzpatrick won the British Saloon Car Championship in a Ford Angila in '66. And by the mid-70's, Ralph Broad believed Jaguar (the flagship of the then named BL group), should have an official racing team - so by '77 he competed a Jaguar XJC V12 (Steed's Green monster in the Avengers) but which was unhappily dominated by the factory entered BMW 3.0CSL. Broadspeed Ltd was sold in 1977 to ex-Team racer John Handley who managed a Ford dealership in Sparkbrook, Birmingham in the West Midlands. Broadspeed's showroom was packed with new Ford cars for sale - complete with tuning upgrades!


Broadspeed is wholly independent, not tied to any Car Dealer Group. The company and trade mark was bought by Simon Empson in '94 who remains the MD. Today, Broadspeed is the UK's leading New Car Discount web site (putting buyers and sellers together). Broadspeed offers the best new discount car deals in the UK. We simply haggle prices down with Franchised Main Dealers - so whether you buy all cash - or want to compare cheap PCP deals (such as 0% PCP, HP or a low rate car loan) we know how (and where) to find you the lowest new car price at UK Car Dealers. Broadspeed does not deal with car supermarkets or import specialists (because the the UK new car prices are now often lower). We have the experience of more than 500,000 registered new car buyers. Over the past twenty five years, we have helped >50,000 car buyers order a discounted new car. We have knowledgeable and experienced staff who make sure you have expert, independent advice; once decide to proceed, we'll introduce a car dealership in your region (or further afield if the discount is worth it). Read more about Broadspeed over the past 25 years HERE

BEST DISCOUNT We know the UK's Cheapest Dealers
BEST NEW CAR DEALS New, Ex-Demo or Nearly-New UK Car
BEST DEMO BARGAINS Mint Low Mileage, Demos - For Less
BEST USED PRICES Super Prices if you are Spec Flexible
QUICK DELIVERY Ex-Stock Now or Exact Factory Order
CHEAP FINANCE UK Main Dealer PCP or Contract Hire
EASY PART EXCHANGE Trade-In as Normal or We'll Sell It
NO HASSLE We Haggle Down Main Dealer Prices




This web site is owned and operated by by Broadspeed Ltd - Sales Address: 22-26 Coronet St, SHOREDITCH, London N1 6HD. Sales T: (0207) 175 0555. M: (07878) 555247 or (07956) 200000. E: sales (at) broadspeed.com.


Your details are never shared with (or sold to) any third party. You can stop a quote process at any time by emailing the "Ref Number" and the word "STOP" in the subject line to: sales (at) broadspeed.com. Alternatively, just text the Ref Number and "STOP" to (07956) 200000.


First established in 1962, launched online in 1995. Broadspeed was a successful tuning specialist and racing team under the direction of Ralph Broad between 1962 and 1982. The company name and trademarks were purchased by Simon Empson (the current MD) who has run the company since 1994. You can reach Simon directly on (0207) 175 0515.


NOTHING - unless you proceed and place an order with the dealer we introduce. Once you tell us to proceed, we confirm your price in writing then introduce you to our cheapest supplier in your region. Our Introduction Fee is £199 inc VAT.


It's FREE - unless you proceed with dealer introduction and place an order. We take a card number at the point of introduction - but only charge you £199 once the dealer’s offer and order form is accepted). In practice, we charge our fee after three working days - unless you request additional time to complete the order process.


Use any credit or debit card starting with a four or five digit (ie: not Amex or Diners).


If you pay us £199, but the order is subsequently cancelled (or doesn't complete), we either: a) introduce additional suppliers - b) refund everything you paid to us, in full.


Please be aware that your use of this site automatically authorises us to provide you with informal price quotes; we will assume that you agree there is no obligation on any party until you proceed to order (if you do not agree, please do not use this site). Before you proceed to order, we always confirm the displayed price then send it to you, in writing. Specifications can change, so please don't rely solely on our site - always review the manufacturer's web site or brochure (before confirming an order).


We list just UK sourced Brand New, Ex-Demo and Approved Used vehicles - all Under Manufacturer’s UK Warranty (No Imports, No Pre-Registered cars). Our prices are normally spot-on accurate; either based on what our customers recently paid - or a recent offer from an established trade supplier. Prices may vary until the order process has been fully completed (with a paid deposit). There are three distinct elements to a completed order: 1) to sign or formally agree the principal supplier's order form (whereafter, their T&Cs apply - replacing our own); 2) to pay an initial agreed deposit; 3) the order is formally accepted, in writing. Only once all three of these elements are completed can your order, specification, availability/ lead time and amount of discount be considered as firm.


No price, offer, discount or deal lasts for ever. Stocks run out and time-limited campaigns have expiry dates. Please do not therefore rely solely on a price or deal listed on our website. We strongly advise you phone us to check the latest price - 0207 175 0515. Once you decide to proceed with an order, we’ll confirm the pricel, availability and any conditions that may influence your buying decision in writing.


Before you commit, we demonstrate your readiness to proceed with a "Pre-Order" (dealers respond best to the prospect of a certain order). A Pre-Order carries no cost or obligation - it’s just a template leading towards an order. Neither a website quote nor Pre-Order obliges you, us or any supplier to anything at all (see section 12 below).


Normally, the principal supplier (whether dealer/ finance/ other company) provides you with an Official Order Form (unless Broadspeed Ltd is acting as the supplier - see section 14 below for details of how and when this happens). Once you receive, approve and return an order form, these T&Cs are immediately replaced by the principal supplier's.


Normally, you pay the principal supplier, direct. Some dealers insist we obtain a card number and permission to charge an agreed sum (typically £500-£1000) to initiate an order process. This demonstrates your readiness to proceed (dealers only fully discount when they are certain an order is firm). In this instance, we always email in advance confirming who is charging you, how much and when - then wait for your agreement to proceed.


For the vast majority of orders, the principal supplier (ie Main Dealer) invoices you - once the vehicle arrives (and you pay them direct); but under certain circumstance (see section 15 below), we may issue the order and final invoice ourselves. In this case you would buy from (and pay) Broadspeed Ltd (not the Main Dealer). There’s no risk - please search for ‘Section 75’ and read how a small credit card deposit protects you.


Some manufacturers impose conditions - for example requiring you to use finance for a particular saving. Should you wish to avoid this - or - if you have a Trade-In that a supplier won't quote for), we may offer you a ‘work-around’. You would buy from Broadspeed Ltd (rather than from the Main Dealer). In this instance, the order would still be placed with a UK Franchise Dealer (or the manufacturer itself) and the vehicle would be a FIRST KEEPER (Not Pre-Registered). This ‘work around’ is purely optional - it’s certainly not mandatory. Buying from Broadspeed Ltd does not affect your Warranty or Consumer Rights, in any way.


Dealers pay us a success fee once the order is complete and deposit paid. Some may ask you to pay this fee directly to us. Should this happen, you won’t pay a penny more than quoted; this modest fee would be knocked off the final price (quoted in writing) then paid direct to us (so the net total payable remains unchanged).


New Cars are just that: Brand New and Unused - with a full UK Manufacturer Warranty and Breakdown Package (exactly like you'd buy from your local Main Agent). You'd be the First Registered Keeper (Not the Second Keeper - it’s Not Pre Registered). However, you may also ask us to find a discounted Ex-Demo or Used Car - these too are sourced direct from UK Franchise Dealers (or established Leasing/ Finance/ Vehicle Management companies). All Ex-Demo/ Used Cars are registered in your name immediately (the V5C normally arrives within 7-10 working days - except in March, September and January).


Broadspeed deals with Official UK Franchise Dealers and PLC Groups; however, where a lower price is available by placing your order via a Finance or Fleet Company (often with much more discount and/ or fewer T&Cs), we may offer you a choice. In any event, we would only introduce you to an established and reliable business.


All New Cars have a normal UK Manufacturer Warranty and full Main Dealer support. Servicing is exactly the same - no matter how the order is placed (just use your local main agent. Any Warranty claim is handled by your Local Main Agent (not the supplier).


Broadspeed is wholly independent - and free from any manufacturer influence. We enable UK car dealers to make additional sales by promoting discounts via our web site. Once you're ready to proceed, we check that the advertised offer remains available - and confirm the exact price and any conditions, in writing. If you then wish to go ahead, we introduce the nearest main dealer matching that quoted price.


We work with more than 300 Main Agent showrooms across the UK - we have dealers in almost every county. Call us to find out the location of the nearest Broadspeed partner dealer for the make you’re considering.


If you wish to discuss any aspect of our service, you can reach a Director on: (0207) 175 0515 or (07956) 200000.


Place as many online enquiries as you like (it's FREE). Just tell us when you're ready to proceed - we'll email a confirmed price and availability (or factory lead time). Once you tell us go ahead (based on that email), we'll send you a confirmed Pre-Order with all the required information (this obliges no one to do or pay anything at all). If you tell us to go ahead, we'll take your card number, but our £199 Fee IS NOT CHARGED until you approve the order and pay the deposit.


For peace of mind, we offer you a money-back guarantee on brand new cars. If something important isn't right at delivery and you reject it - or if your order cannot fulfilled, we refund whatever you paid us - normally within 14 working days** (this offer does not affect your statutory rights in any way). **IMPORTANT CONDITION. It’s VITAL that any problem you find is reported to us BEFORE you leave dealer premises - or - BEFORE the delivery driver leaves your premises (if it’s been delivered). Failure to inform us and agree a course of action before the driver departs invalidates this guarantee completely (but would have no effect on your Statutory Rights). In the very unlikely event such a serious issue, the numbers you must reach us on immediately are: (0207) 175 0515 - or (0207) 175 0077 - or (07956) 200000 - or (07878) 555247


Broadspeed Ltd provides functionality so you can view car prices, specifications and listings of vehicles for sale by a registered Motor Dealer. We provide users with reasonable assistance to see the content on this web site, but we do not accept responsibility should you not be able to access it (for any reason). We offer you no guarantee that Web Site access will remain constantly available and uninterrupted, or free of mistakes. Broadspeed Ltd reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the service for any reason, including maintenance. Such suspension or discontinuance is without incurring any liability or obligation to you. We reserve the right to amend the basis upon which you may access www.broadspeed.com or any other Service, without warning. We agree to display a notice on the Web Site informing you of any such amendment. If you continue to use the Site or Service after any such amendment, we will deem your binding acceptance of any such amendment has been granted.


We enable Motor Dealers to promote cars and prices on this Web Site. You agree that Broadspeed Ltd is not responsible for verifying the details or condition of any vehicle unless specifically agreed, in writing. Broadspeed Ltd only works with established and registered trade suppliers; however, it remains your responsibility to undertake due diligence before you enter into a Contract with a Motor Dealer for a Vehicle listed on the Web Site. You may contact a Motor Dealer via the Web Site, by phone/email directly with the Motor Dealer which you locate via a telephone number listed on the Web Site. Broadspeed Ltd is not responsible for your communications with a Motor Dealer and you agree that we are not responsible for any failure by a Motor Dealer to respond to you. Once we introduce you to a supplier, it is wholly your own responsibility to review the Motor Dealer's terms and conditions; we are not responsible for sending you those terms and conditions or any failure by you to act upon them.


We do not share or resell personal data or information with any unconnected party. If you place an online enquiry, you will receive one email and one telephone call (or text) from Broadspeed Ltd or its appointed intermediary. We agree to provide access to our Web Site and Services on the basis set out here, but subject to your compliance at all times with the provisions of these Terms and as otherwise specified.


You agree to act lawfully when accessing the Web Site. You agree not to: use the Web Site or Services in any way that could lead to carrying out of any unlawful activity; email, transmit or otherwise disseminate any content which is obscene, defamatory or in breach of copyright. You agree without limitation to pay us fees if you order, buy, lease or finance any new or used vehicle from or through the dealer or related business we introduce to you. You may be asked to pay us a 'Dealer Success Fee' (which normally is paid to us by the dealer). The Dealer Success Fee is always included within the discount price we quoted and you agreed to (it is not added or extra). If we ask you to pay the Dealer Success Fee to us directly, this sum would be deducted from the discount price you agreed to pay (so the net total would remain exactly the same). Essentially, you'd pay a lower price to the dealer - and the difference to us. This can happen where a dealer cannot pay success fees. You agree to inform us as soon any fees become due to us (ie when you sign an order form and/ or pay any deposit) and pay those fees promptly (ie within three working days).


You accept that any/ all Intellectual Property Rights in the Web Site are owned, and shall always be owned by us. Your use of the Web Site and its content transfers no rights in relation to our Intellectual Property Rights. Any use other than that permitted under this paragraph may only take place with our prior express authorisation.


Our Website contains links to third party Web Sites not operated by us or associated companies. We neither control such Web Sites nor are responsible for their content. Links to such Web Sites do not imply any endorsement of the owners of such Web Sites. The Web Site may contain independent third party data which we do not control and are not responsible for. Inclusion of 3rd party data neither implies endorsement of its content nor its accuracy. In no event are we responsible for: loss arising from or in connection with loss of contracts or business or failure to make an anticipated saving; loss of reputation or goodwill; any indirect losses which are not reasonably foreseeable by you and us at the time of entering into these Terms, suffered by you in connection with use of www.broadspeed.com, or any other matter. We are not liable for failure or interruption to the Web Site service arising out of circumstances beyond reasonable control. We use reasonable endeavours to correct any omissions or errors once brought to our attention but we offer no guarantee that information on the Web Site will be error and omission-free. Nothing in these Terms is intended to affect your statutory rights. More statutory rights information contact your local CAB or TSO.


Should any part of these Terms be found to be ineffective by any court or regulator, the other provisions continue to apply. You agree not to transfer your rights or obligations under these Terms to anyone else. We may transfer our rights or obligations or sub-contract our obligations under these Terms to another legal entity. No partnership or joint venture or relationship arises by reason of these Terms. No one other than you or us has right under the Contracts (Rights of 3rd Parties) Act of 1999 to rely upon these Terms. Nothing affects any 3rd Party right or remedy existing right or is available other than as a result of the Contracts (Rights of 3rd Parties) Act of 1999.


These terms and conditions are governed by English law; you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England should legal action become necessary.


Every effort has been made to ensure accurate information. However, errors can and do arise. Vehicle listings are provided by Motor Dealers, Manufacturers and Advertising/ Marketing/ Data Companies. Verification of for example, Approved Used Status is the responsibility of the dealer/ vendor. Vehicle images are usually provided by the dealer and may include images not reflect the actual vehicle (if used for illustration). Where third party-supplied, Broadspeed Ltd controls neither the vehicle descriptions nor the images displayed. Inclusion of dealer listings, images or data on this Site does not imply endorsement of its content. Nor does Broadspeed make any representation as to the accuracy of any dealer listings, images or data.


How cookies are used on this site: we want to make our website easy to use, useful and reliable for our users. Where data and pricing are delivered over the net, it may involve placing small amounts of information on your PC/laptop/device - which include small 'cookie' files. We don't use them either to identify you personally, or to hold personal data. This information is used to optimise your experience on this website. Our cookies enable services to recognise your PC/laptop/device so you don't have to provide the same data repeatedly during one session or task. It also recognises that you may already have entered your name and contact details so you won't have to repeat the data entry for every page visited or quote requested. We also measure the number of visitors use our service so we can offer a fast seamless service. If you do not want us to use Cookies on your visit/s, manage the data files yourself from within your PC/laptop/device's settings.


If you have a complaint of any kind, please do not hesitate to telephone our MD, Simon Empson on (07956) 200000.