Ex-DEMO CARS are fully Main Dealer Prepared - 'Next to New' - Maximum 1-6 Months Old - Still Under Warranty (Balance of the Manufacturer 3/5/7 Year Guarantee).
Just tell us what you are looking for - and How you wish to pay for it....
We'll search your ideal car - then negotiate the best possible price (cash or monthly).
Stock changes fast - so it's better to CALL US on (0207) 175 0555 or Text/ Whatsapp (07878) 555247.
APPROVED USED CARS are fully Main Dealer Prepared - 'Excellend Condition' - Accident-Free - Age 6 Months to 60 Months Old - Main Dealer Warranty (6 Months or More - 1/2/3/ Year Extensions available).
Just tell us what you are looking for - and How you wish to pay for it (Cash, Loan, HP, PCP etc....)?
We look nationwide for your ideal model - then negotiate the lowest possible purchase price.
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EX-STOCK DEALS... NEW or EX-DEMOS and 2023 Under 10,000 Miles

Straightforward, Unbiased Advice | We'll Tell You Realistic Lead Time Estimates for Factory Orders | or... Immediate Delivery... Cancelled Orders... Cars "In-Pipeline"... | Just Ask and we'll happily Search for Something Suitable... Cash or PCP on Nearly-New and Used cars (2022-2023-2024) from 8.9% APR STA....or | Personal Loans from 5% APR STA | Let us know the model and specification and we'll get to work...? 19th Mar 2024, 13:15


Search 'Broadspeed Twitter' or... 'Broadspeed Facebook' to see our latest Deals, Discounts and Cancelled Orders | We Have Selected 0% APR PCP Offers.... | Brand New and 2023 Ex-Demo / Nearly-New Cars | Cash or Monthly.... | Many Cars In Stock Right Now... Immediate or March '24 Plate.... | Buy Outright or on Monthly PCP, HP or PCH Package. We offer an Easy Trade In PX Valuation if required | Buy direct from our Cheapest Franchise Main Dealer... | You pay the Dealer Direct and... | Your Car is 'New, First Keeper' (NOT Pre-Registered) | Any Questions, Call or Whatsapp (07956) 200000 02nd Feb 2024, 16:08


Ask Us about discounted cars In Stock - New, Ex-Demo or 2022-2023 Used | Be Flexible on Colour and Options List if it's already built.... | We post all the latest deals live on facebook.com/broadspeed and twitter.com/broadspeed | Cancelled Orders and Offers do sell quickly - often same day | So the best way to secure a Deal is to contact us by Whatsapp (07956) 200000 - or by Phone (0207) 175 0555 (all you need is a £500 card deposit) | Feel free to ask us any questions - we are here until 7pm M-F and until 6pm on Saturdays | Search 'Broadspeed Facebook' or 'Broadspeed Twitter' for the Latest Hot Deal Listings 01st Jan 2024, 10:25

DEALS on Brand NEW, Pre-Reg, Ex-Demos and Approved Used... from 2018-2022... Unused to 35,000 Miles

Prime Main Agent Cars... At Lower Prices... Cash or Monthly... Easy PX... Home Delivery... Incl Warranty... Tel (0207) 175 0555... Whatsapp 07956 200000

BRAND NEW (Custom Factory Order)
BRAND NEW (Immediate Delivery)
Ex-Demo (for Immediate Delivery)
APPROVED USED (Immediate Delivery)
Personal Loan from 2.9% APR STA
PCP 2-4 Years 0% APR-5.9% APR STA
PCH 2-4 Years Just Hand It Back
Trade-In Valuation (0207) 175 0555
BRAND NEW (Custom Factory Order)
BRAND NEW (Immediate Delivery)
Ex-Demo (for Immediate Delivery)
APPROVED USED (Immediate Delivery)
Personal Loan from 2.9% APR STA
PCP 2-4 Years 0% APR-5.9% APR STA
PCH 2-4 Years Just Hand It Back
Trade-In Valuation (0207) 175 0555
BRAND NEW (Custom Factory Order)
BRAND NEW (Immediate Delivery)
Ex-Demo (for Immediate Delivery)
APPROVED USED (Immediate Delivery)
Personal Loan from 2.9% APR STA
PCP 2-4 Years 0% APR-5.9% APR STA
PCH 2-4 Years Just Hand It Back
Trade-In Valuation (0207) 175 0555
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BEST NEW CAR DISCOUNTS (2022)...Timing is Everything and Broadspeed knows the best months to Buy a New Car at the lowest possible price (UK Main Dealers offer cheaper prices to us at specific times of year)! HOW WE DO IT? Our 500,000 customers create volume which enables us to negotiate the best online car deals! FINANCE. Not only do we haggle down car prices (whether it's all Cash, Finance - or PCP deals) but we also maximise your Trade In Value. LEASING. Some PCH rates have fallen recently (car leasing deals). Ask for our free PCP/ PCH finance calculator. OUR FEES. If you buy a new car for sale, £199 is due to us. Dealers pay us a fee - it's included within all car prices. QUESTION? T 0207 175 0555 - Whatsapp 07956 200000 - or Complete the Form Below

BEST 2022 NEW CAR FINANCE DEALS (eg PCP): our dealers have 100,000 new cars for sale (2021 and 2022) - all for immediate delivery! Broadspeed acts as a Middle Man and introducer. For 25 years, we've been negotiating best car deals with Franchised Main Dealers. We obtain volume discounts (our 500,000 customers qualify for the same discounts as a large company gets). Consequently, our dealers are willing to offer you huge discounts (not commonly available in car showrooms). It stands to reason that there's always more discount buying hundreds of new cars per year than just one!

BEST CONTRACT HIRE DEALS ON NEW CARS (eg PCH): we work with hundreds of new car dealers nationwide - so once you make an free online enquiry we find the nerest dealership to you. So whether you are looking for the best Contract Hire deal (PCH) or a free car finance quote - eg PCP or HP) we aim to introduce the cheapest car dealer. Whether it's the best monthly or all cash deal - we know where to look! It's completely up to you which dealer you buy from - how you make contact - and which funding method you use (leasing avoids the risk that petrol and diesel cars might drop in value if Electric Vehicles become competitive). Ask us for help with a PCH or PCP calculator.

▼ BRAND NEW UK Main Dealer Cars, First KeeperBroadspeed Best New Car Deals
Alfa Romeo
Land Rover

Broadspeed was first established by Ralph Broad in 1963 - then moved online in 1995. It is now run by Simon Empson T (07956) 200000

There is a Little New Car Stock Out There
Factory Delays (9-12 Months or Longer)
Ex-Demo eg 6m Old and 1,000-5,000 Miles
Approved Used Cars 2018-21 Under 35,000 Miles)
Delivery can be as quick as 14 days if it's in stock
Stock Delivery within 30-60 Days can be possible
A Factory Order now takes 9-12 Months (typically)
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2.0 Informal Quotes

We are a 'Middle Man', not a Dealer. As such, all prices, discounts, deals or offers must be checked and confirmed with the Dealer before you proceed in any way. Please be aware that model, specs and list prices can be changed by the manufacturer and/ or dealer. Please do not rely solely on this site to place your order. Always double check on the manufacturer's web site (and brochure) and talk to the dealer before making a firm decision to order. Your use of this web site to obtain indicative pricing automatically authorises us to provide you with informal online quotes. Your agreement to this means that there is no obligation on (or cost to) any party until you actually place an order with the dealer we introduce. If you do not agree to these T&Cs, please do not use this site.

3.0 New Vehicle Pricing

We list UK-Supplied New Vehicles - meaning Brand New and First Keeper; the V5C shows you as first keeper (it is not Pre-Registered). All New Vehicles have a normal UK Manufacturer Warranty (we do not advertise imports at all). Our web prices are checked regularly and are nearly always accurate. They are based on what a customer actually paid (or on an established trade supplier's recent offer). Once we introduce the dealer and you complete their order process, you'll pay a deposit to the dealer. However, please be aware that discounts can change up until you complete the dealer order process. There are four distinct elements to a completed order: 1) double check the standard and optional specification is correct, complete and as you want it; 2) sign the order form (whereafter, solely the dealer's T&Cs apply); 3) pay the dealer deposit as agreed; 4) receive confirmation that the order has been accepted by the dealer and manufacturer. Only once all four steps are complete can the ordered specification, the discount, the price and details be considered firm.

4.0 Limited and Special Offers

Prices, offers, discounts and deals do not last for ever (stocks can run out and time-limited campaigns always have expiry dates). Please do not rely solely on a specification, price or deal listed on our website. We strongly advise you phone us on (0207) 175 0515 to check that a specific price remains available. Once you decide to proceed with an order, we'll confirm the price in writing, together with availability or lead time - and any conditions that may influence a decision.

5.0 Payments are Direct to The Main Dealer

You pay the Dealer, direct. Some dealers insist we obtain a card number and permission to charge an agreed deposit to initiate an order process (this is typically £500-£1000). A payment or card number demonstrates your readiness to proceed (dealers only really fully discount when they are confident of an order). In this instance, we always say who will charge you, how much and when - in advance - then wait for your agreement before completing the process.

6.0 Our Fee, Payable by You

You pay us NOTHING unless you proceed with an order with a dealer we introduce. Once you tell us to proceed with the dealer introduction process, we confirm the exact price in writing then introduce you to the cheapest dealership in your county or region. Once you proceed with the dealer introduction (ie: pay a deposit, thus placing an order), we take payment of our fee - £199 payable by card or transfer. You only pay £199 once your order has been placed and confirmed. If your order is subsequently cancelled (or does not complete), we introduce additional supplier/s at no extra cost - or if no similarly competitive supplier is found, we refund whatever you paid to us, in full.

7.0 Our Fee, Payable by Dealer

The dealer pays us NOTHING - unless you proceed with an order. Once your order is complete and a deposit is paid, dealers pay us a success fee (this is included within the web site price, not added on top). Some dealers may ask for this fee to be paid to us, directly. Should this arise, our fee would be knocked off your final price (so you won't pay a penny more than we quoted - and it's all in writing).

8.0 Invoice from The Main Dealer

For the vast majority of orders, the principal supplier (ie The Main Dealer) invoices you direct. This happens once the new vehicle arrives (and you pay them the balance direct); but under certain circumstance (see section 9.0 below), we may issue the order and final invoice ourselves. In this case you would buy from (and pay) Broadspeed Ltd (not the Main Dealer). There's no risk - please search for 'Section 75' and read how a card deposit protects all your money.

9.0 Invoice from Broadspeed Ltd

Some manufacturers impose conditions - for example requiring you to buy using finance to achieve the best saving and we may offer you a 'work-around' solution. In a very few cases, this may also apply if you wish to take advantage of lower supply price, independent Finance or a Lease Hire deal. In these cases, you may buy from a finance / leasing/ fleet broker (or Broadspeed Ltd), rather than from a Main Dealer. The order would still ultimately be placed with a UK Main Dealer (or with the manufacturer itself) and the vehicle would still be FIRST KEEPER - registered to you (Not Pre-Registered to a third party). Any 'work around' or more competitve offer is optional - something to consider - it's certainly not mandatory. Buying from an independent source or from Broadspeed Ltd does not affect your Warranty, Back-Up package or Consumer Rights, in any way.

10.0 Warranty and Local Servicing

All New Cars have a normal UK Manufacturer Warranty and full Main Dealer support. Servicing is exactly the same - no matter how the order is placed (just use your local main agent. Any Warranty claim is handled by your Local Main Agent (not the supplier).

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